Turn off the Bitch Switch

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This one is for the ladies.

Girls, it’s time to turn off the bitch switch. I am sick of seeing and hearing comments from girls bringing other girls down. Mainly on social media. It’s like a god damn epidemic. And before anyone jumps down my throat – I know boys can be just as bad, but this particular discussion is aimed at those in the sisterhood.

I know we all gossip, bitch and vent now and then (and if you say you don’t you’re either lying, setting yourself up for a breakdown or an actual saint). It’s human nature. I will openly say I do. Of course I do – it’s part of how we interact with each other – sometimes people drive you absolutely EFFING MENTAL and you need to tell someone else so you don’t pick up the closest thing to you and clobber them over the head.

Other times people are just shit to you – we all know there are plenty of shit people in the world. And they live their lives in this pit of misery and like to bring other people down into it. Hell, I know that some days I’m like that. And I’m sarcastic and sometimes have a dry sense of humour that not everybody responds to. And I own that. People are shit, we act shit. But generally, we get through it and act like decent human beings.

Well I like to think we do.

Until I see shit posted on photos like:

  • “She looks fucking ugly”
  • “She’s fat”
  • “She’s too skinny”
  • “Her hair is disgusting lol”
  • Tagging friends in photos and saying “the one in the pink shots omg” followed by an emoji with a face mask
  • “You should NOT be wearing that”

I’ve seen some shockers. And these comments were all from females.

For those people out their struggling with turning off the bitch switch, here are some handy pointers:

  • Try not saying anything
  • Get a friend to tie up your hands or steal your phone.
  • When you feel the urge to type a nasty comment – how about just don’t do it?

*FYI: Typing a mean comment from behind your screen of choice makes you a coward, not a clever hero.

As someone who can, will and has, gotten into heated discussions regarding a whole range of topics via online means, I would like to stress that I am all for sharing opinions, being brutally honest, being witty, being sarcastic as fuck, getting riled up, expressing disgust, passion, outrage, love on topics that are open to intellectual discussion or that are relevant at the time. All for that. Sometimes you’ll be mean with that stuff -sure. I’m talking about the downright, plain-Jane being-an-asshole-for-no-reason comments.

And by no means am I claiming sainthood. I have moments where I think to myself “sweet jesus. Da fuq is happening in this photo?!” I’ve made comments under my breath and messaged friends with that crying-laughing emoji before … it happens.

But the saying we’ve all heard a million times growing up comes into play when it comes to social media especially:


I may have reworded it a little.

My dad always told us growing up:

Don’t say or write anything down you’re not willing to back up

And it’s probably safe to say that I think of this phrase nearly every day.

Your words have meaning.

Words can be uplifting or detrimental. You can make or break someone’s day with one sentence. Some people can shrug it off, some people are reactive and others will read it once and start a slippery-slope into a dark place.

I’m not going to sit here and say “let’s all be besties and hold hands and empower each other” because I know that that isn’t reality. Empower where you can by all means, but if it’s not in you to be all peachy and chummy about #girlpower then let’s just try and be civil. Or keep our comments private/to a minimum. Maybe vent to someone you trust. Vent to your girlfriends. I get it. It’s good to get it all out.

But for those of you out there with poison-dipped fingertips, thinking about mocking someone on Instagram or Facebook or whatever because they have cellulite or a gap in their teeth or bad taste in clothes …

You’re being a bitch. Knock that shit off.

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